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Protect your enterprise with intelligent solutions implemented uniformly in every business location. As your chosen security partner, Security 101 goes beyond merely installing electronic security systems for your multi-site corporation. We believe simplification and optimization of security are at the core of an effective environment and aim to provide you with consistent and clear communication, assistance, and guidance long after the initial purchase and installation.


Take advantage of the extensive opportunities we offer to multi-site organizations

Our solutions permit a considerable reduction in costs and enable multi-site enterprises to effectively eliminate disparate systems, centralize monitoring, increase flexibility, and manage operations remotely, without purchasing and operating expensive capital equipment.


A unique, world-class approach to enterprise-level security

Our exclusive six-step methodology systematically secures your people, protects your assets, and makes true standardization across locations — finally — a reality.

All of our service and support technicians are factory-trained and able to deliver you the best-in-class experience. It’s true. We are fanatical about customer service.

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Professional services team

The Security 101 Professional Services team is a group of seasoned security professionals who are ready to handle security system projects or service needs of virtually any size. 

Our dedication to security excellence and process optimization is second-to-none.

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At Security 101, we help your enterprise become safer and more resilient.

To meet the specific needs of your organization and industry, and to align to your core business objectives, we offer tailor-made solutions and services that will avoid compromising the security and protection of your people and assets.

We are committed to answering all your questions and are ready to discuss your unique security project further.

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