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Rigility is renowned for delivering honest, comprehensive, and sophisticated security system environments, ensuring your organization’s protection. We are committed to providing unrivaled customer service, offering you peace of mind around the clock.

What We Do

Our Security Solutions

We've worked with over 50+ companies nationwide

Our team of highly skilled security camera installation professionals leverages cutting-edge solutions to ensure comprehensive protection for every facet of your enterprise, tailoring our approach to meet the distinct security requirements of each location.


We place a strong emphasis on understanding and meticulously addressing the specific security needs of our clients, crafting bespoke and sophisticated security systems and solutions that align seamlessly with their unique requirements.

Security solutions for various industries

We acknowledge that each industry is confronted with unique security challenges, requiring a bespoke approach and dedicated solutions. At Rigility, our ethos of ‘unparalleled’ customer service is centered around a thorough understanding of your distinct needs, allowing us to work in tandem with your team to devise and execute the most suitable security solutions.

  National Accounts

Protect your multi-site organization with our innovative security solutions evenly installed at every site.


Create a safer and more intrusion-resistant health organization with our imperial CCTV installations, protecting the patients, doctors, and caregivers.

  Manufacturing and Distribution

Protect your workforce, facility, and operations at manufacturing sites from potential internal and external threats with the most advanced and smartest security solutions our security camera installers offer.

  Higher Education

We develop a securer and better educational environment at your institution of higher education through seamless security camera installations and high-tech security systems.

  Property Management

Our highly experienced camera installers are tasked with protecting your enterprise from potential security-related threats with the help of the most advanced camera systems in the industry.

  Local Government

We ensure a safer environment for municipal government officials with the help of our adaptable and powerful security solutions.

  Biotech and Pharma

Eliminate threats to your intricate pharmaceutical supply chain with our high-tech security systems and high-resolution CCTV cameras, thus boosting the overall productivity and efficiency of your organization.


Rigility’s security camera installers have all the tools and skills they need to ensure a safe transportation of both people and goods from one location to another.


Ensure the safety of facilities and adopt a holistic security approach to prevent any threats and continue to function normally. 

  Data Centers

Secure your data centers against any security-related threats, challenges, and flaws with the help of our expert security camera installers, and personalized and up-to-date CCTV cameras and security systems. 

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Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is a fundamental building block of a robust security ecosystem. Amplify it with cutting-edge, efficacious technologies.


Security Systems

Proactivity. Simplicity. Consistency.

Address the evolving threat landscape with anticipating, elite security systems
that allow for expansion without reinvention.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We take customer care seriously.

In fact, we are unparalled about supporting you and supplying the solutions and answers to your business needs as soon as possible.

From sales inquiries to technical and service support, we provide expertly trained and passionate security professionals who will tackle any challenge put before them.

Our focus is on building certainty and reliance, offering you the right solutions by listening attentively and with an empathetic ear.

Your organization requires collaboration with a skilled integrator that not only meets but exceeds expectations. We go beyond just satisfying customers; our professional team intentionally creates a delightful customer experience for you.

You can be assured we get the ball rolling the minute you require our assistance. You will never be left wondering.

At Rigility, your trust and confidence are highly appreciated.

We take responsibility and genuinely value you.

Rigility Security & Surveillance

What our customers say about us

24/7 monitoring became essential for our organization due to the rising crime rate in our city. We required video security systems with remote access capabilities and high-resolution cameras. Rigility partnered with us throughout this process and not only met their commitments but actually surpassed our expectations.


    Manufacturing plant

    The company's values of honesty, integrity and teamwork are evident in everything they do. A fun and dynamic environment, with a diverse team of professionals all working towards a common goal.

      IT Director

      Software Company

      I've been thoroughly impressed with how Rigility's cloud-integrated intrusion detection system has upgraded our hotel's security. Rigility has really boosted our defenses against typical threats, ensuring a safer environment for our guests. The professionalism and attention to detail Rigility has shown truly went beyond my expectations.


        Lodging & Hospitality Company

        Rigility was timely, beyond professional and their techs were very courteous. They met our project deadlines and privied one of the best services a specialty contractor could deliver.

          Contracting Officer

          Tollway Administration

          Unparalleled Customer Service

          Can’t get enough?
          Dig deeper.

          In fact, we are unparalleled in supporting you and supplying the solutions and answers to your business needs as soon as possible.

          • We appreciate your trust and confidence.
          • We take responsibility.
          • We value you.
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