Professional Services Team

Rigility’s Elite Services team comprises experienced security professionals equipped to manage security system projects or service requirements of virtually any scale. We specialize in tailoring and personalizing solutions to align with the unique needs of your organization, adapting seamlessly to your business objectives. Additionally, our team is committed to assisting you in maximizing the benefits of your cutting-edge security ecosystem.


Security Systems

Proactivity. Simplicity. Consistency.

Address the evolving threat landscape with anticipating, elite security systems
that allow for expansion without reinvention.


Professional Services team

Managing intricate security tasks for multi-site enterprises often demands additional layers of support and guidance. Rigility addresses this need with a comprehensive suite of services designed for advanced troubleshooting, seamless integration, and streamlined processes.

Our team of adept and certified experts delivers these sophisticated professional services. With a profound understanding of security principles and processes, specialized knowledge in your industry, a track record of developing intricate projects, and a commitment to Rigility’s core values of unwavering customer service and integrity, we ensure your complex security requirements are met with precision.

For a security system to consistently operate at its peak, it requires state-of-the-art services and dependable, skilled individuals. Rigility provides both, ensuring the highest level of security for your enterprise.

Enterprise Security Program

At Rigility, we are dedicated to ensuring your success by consistently delivering effective procedures and policies, meticulous planning, flawless execution, and a first-class customer service experience.


Emphasize effectiveness

Give precedence to protection, efficiency, and productivity with our custom Professional Services Team.

Our Professional Services team offers:

  • Security System Integration
  • Disparate System Integration
  • Custom Scripting
  • Database Management Services
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Regulatory Compliance Solutions
  • Enterprise-class System Deployments and Maintenance
  • Mobile Credentialing

Advantages of Collaborating with Rigility’s Elite Services Team

Our flexible, on-demand solutions provide a significant boost to your security system, effectively addressing specific challenges and delivering valuable advantages for your organization.

  High-end integration

At Rigility, our objective is to furnish you with purpose-built, integrated solutions that eliminate silos. Through a deliberate unification of our technologies and solutions, we guarantee an enhancement in security, safety, and reputation across every location.

  Risk assessment

Recognizing the distinctive vulnerabilities within your enterprise, prioritizing risks and assets for safeguarding, and determining optimal solutions to mitigate potential threats are fundamental factors in achieving maximum protection and Return on Investment (ROI). 


To effectively address your organization’s distinctive challenges and priorities and ensure the successful completion of your security project, tailored Professional Services are often essential. This approach is instrumental in achieving effective risk mitigation, optimizing resource allocation, and attaining operational excellence.


Rigility’s Professional Services Team unlocks innovation for your business operations. Access actionable insights, advanced business intelligence, and heightened situational awareness, ensuring your organization stays ahead in the evolving landscape of security and efficiency.

  Compliance reporting

Strategically align with corporate goals and uphold regulatory standards seamlessly. Rigility’s detailed compliance audit reports provide your enterprise with critical data, demonstrating adherence to complex industry standards and ensuring a robust foundation for meeting corporate objectives.

We are experts with Professional Services

Rigility’s Professional Services team comprises seasoned security professionals prepared to manage specialized, advanced security system projects, or address complex service needs of any size. We excel in differentiating and customizing solutions to align with your organization’s unique requirements and adapt to your business goals. Additionally, our dedicated team supports you in maximizing the benefits of your advanced security ecosystem.

Long-term customer satisfaction

First-class system upgrades, preventive maintenance, and remote diagnostics are crucial to ensuring security environments remain operational and capable of effectively addressing current and future threats.

System upgrades
  • Regular system upgrades are a vital component of heightened security, ensuring seamless communication between systems. This practice results in enhanced protection and responses, providing access to new features to effectively address evolving challenges.


Preventive maintenance
  • Rigility’s Professional Services Team conducts routine maintenance activities and diagnostic checks to proactively inspect, detect, prevent, and address unexpected failures early on, ensuring the continued reliability of your security systems.


Remote diagnostics
  • Our team of professionals can remotely access your system’s data, providing timely assistance to prevent system failures and guard against potential problems. With remote diagnostics, you can save resources, increase efficiency, and enhance safety and security.
Rigility Managed Access Control

Program Management

Achieve the ultimate efficiency and realize maximum value with the deliberate, orchestrated coordination of multiple cross-enterprise projects and a shared, strategic vision.