Security Solutions for Data Centers

Rigility delivers top-tier security solutions for data centers, guaranteeing superior protection for individuals, assets, IT equipment, and network infrastructure. Drawing from our extensive experience in the data center industry, we provide adaptable and tailor-made physical security solutions that are both efficient and scalable. Our comprehensive approach ensures the safeguarding of facilities, hardware, software, and mission-critical data.

Data Center Smart Security Solutions

Protect your data center

Data centers, serving as centralized hubs for computing and networking equipment, constantly face the looming specter of security threats due to the vast volume of data they house. In an era where data stands as the lifeblood of businesses and the Internet of Things continues its expansion, data centers remain prime targets for malicious activities. Thus, to ensure the seamless operation and safeguard the reputation of your data center, it is imperative to fortify your premises with cutting-edge physical security solutions and effective strategies.

Rigility is dedicated to assisting data centers in fortifying their defenses against physical attacks, sabotage, and unauthorized access. Our approach is rooted in a multi-layered security strategy that disrupts and delays potential threats.

  • Acknowledging the inherent industry risks such as deficient internal access procedures, cyber threats, irregular audits, independent monitoring systems, false alarms, and the absence of backup measures, we place a premium on addressing these concerns proactively.
  • We emphasize the significance of adopting contemporary solutions, reinforcing your access control infrastructure and procedures, elevating video surveillance capabilities, and seamlessly integrating a comprehensive 360° perimeter intrusion detection and tracking system.
  • Rigility is committed to surpassing competitors by providing enhanced redundancy and resilience. Our support includes the implementation of biometric access controls for highly segmented security zones, resulting in heightened uptime and security, while significantly reducing annual downtime—a pivotal factor in achieving Tier 3 or Tier 4 data center classification.
Rigility delivers best-in-class security integration for the intuitive protection of your digital and physical assets.

Prevent data center challenges successfully

Protect your data center against potential security breaches with optimal solutions.

Safeguard against unauthorized entry by seamlessly incorporating a diverse array of solutions, encompassing perimeter defenses like fencing and barriers for isolating and fortifying the data center. Employ cutting-edge access control systems, such as intelligent access cards and advanced identification technologies like fingerprint recognition and biometrics, to secure the most critical areas effectively.


Data Center Security Systems

Proactivity. Simplicity. Consistency.

Address the evolving threat landscape with anticipating, elite security systems
that allow for expansion without reinvention.

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