Top Intrusion Detection Systems

Reliable intrusion detection systems serve as the primary safeguard for your establishment against a multitude of potential risks. At Rigility, we provide your company with resilient and precise intrusion detection solutions employing state-of-the-art technology, including motion detectors, intelligent radars, advanced sensors, and other top-tier intrusion monitoring tools. These systems operate round the clock to secure your premises, ensuring protection against unauthorized access, swift response to threats, and reduced false alarms through the accurate differentiation of genuine threats from environmental factors.

Intrusion detection for your business

Safeguard your organization against any breaches with a superior intrusion detection solution.

Enhance the security of your premises by integrating an advanced intrusion detection system.

At Rigility, we possess the expertise to tailor, install, and maintain a bespoke solution that swiftly identifies and deters unauthorized access, while enhancing incident analysis.

Furthermore, we emphasize the significance of applying the concentric circles of security principle to fortify your organization comprehensively.

Our cutting-edge intrusion detection packages are both dependable and efficient, designed to perform admirably in a variety of challenging indoor and outdoor environments.

Find the right spot between accessibility and security.

Safeguard your personnel and valuable assets.

Mitigate risk and amplify your security measures through the strategic implementation of intrusion detection technologies.

In today’s landscape, it’s paramount to elevate your situational awareness, promptly signaling any intrusion or intrusion attempts within your business in real-time.

Effectively addressing these challenges necessitates a contemporary intrusion solution comprising:
  • Thermal imaging technologies
  • Alarm verification services
  • Smart sensors
  • Physical barriers
  • Real-time alerts
  • Automatic lockdowns
  • Robust communication systems
Top benefits of intrusion detection

Increase the probability of deterrence and intrusion detection.

Our dynamic, custom-designed intrusion detection systems offer organizations of any size these benefits:

Detect and track intruders automatically and in real time.

Quick Quiz

Do you need to upgrade your current intrusion detection system?

Are you constantly concerned about a break-in attempt?

Are false alarms a common event at your business?

Do you receive security alerts when it is already too late?

Does your system fail to detect threats in the dark, outdoors, or in harsh environments?

Do you lack sufficient data to enhance your situational awareness?


My biggest challenge is not knowing who is in my building and for how long.

To reduce theft and crime, it is key to control after-hour access and track the occupancy of your site.


Despite our positive culture, we’ve had team members who have grievances against leaders, team, or duties. A few times things have turned out ugly.

Robust physical security can keep disgruntled employees from crucial company infrastructure. One of the key elements of protection is access control.


Often, employees forget their smart card at home, we have seasonal workers, or visitors and short-term contractors that are not eligible for permanent credentials.

This issue can be addressed by providing ready-to-use temporary access control access.


We have multiple entrance and exit points.

Modern systems can help you track movement in and out of your building no matter how many access points you have.


I suspect an employee is stealing from me.

Keep internal theft at bay by implementing proper deterrence and access control measures.

If your answer is YES to one or more of these questions, your facility requires the expert implementation of an intelligent intrusion detection solution, tailored specifically to address the needs of your business.

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