Security Solutions for Utilities

Critical entities rely on robust physical security measures and tailored protocols to safeguard their infrastructure from potential threats. By placing a strong emphasis on the protection of their assets and implementing a comprehensive security strategy, your organization within the realm of “Rigility” can effectively ward off security breaches, acts of vandalism, and potential terrorist incidents, ensuring uninterrupted operations in any emergency scenario.

Utilities Smart Security Solutions

The seven layers of defense in depth

The utilities sector, a cornerstone of community well-being and a driving force behind economic and social progress, remains a prime target for those seeking to disrupt and inflict severe damage. Generating facilities, substations, utility companies, and other infrastructural components responsible for energy transmission (electricity, natural gas, oil, water) and other resources are alluring prospects for criminal elements.

While some threats, like copper theft, have long plagued the sector, jeopardizing public safety and national security, newer challenges, such as cyberterrorism and IoT threats, have compounded the vulnerabilities inherent in this industry.

To safeguard critical assets and infrastructure and maintain uninterrupted operations, a tailored and cohesive security strategy is imperative. Rigility specializes in the utilities sector, offering expert support to public service corporations in achieving their performance objectives. We elevate security, functionality, and compliance, ensuring a seamless and harmonized approach that eliminates disparities and discrepancies.

At Rigility, we recognize the significance of implementing the Defense in Depth strategy to bolster the safeguarding of utility plants from a myriad of potential risks. Defense in Depth calls for the comprehensive incorporation of physical security and perimeter defense solutions, forming a robust seven-layer framework encompassing:

  1. Protocols, processes, and heightened awareness
  2. Physical security measures
  3. Perimeter defense systems
  4. Internal network security
  5. Host-based security measures
  6. Application security practices
  7. Robust data protection mechanisms


Our commitment to this approach ensures a resilient defense system that secures utility plants effectively.

Our dedication lies in safeguarding your facilities and assisting you in attaining consistency across locations, functionality, and adherence to regulatory requirements.
Smart security solutions of utilities

Prevent utilities challenges successfully

Safeguard your electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, or telecommunications organization from security breaches, theft, vandalism, terrorist threats, adverse weather events, and equipment failures.

Deterring and detecting intruders begins at the perimeter of your utilities corporation. Our advanced access control systems and cutting-edge technologies establish robust barriers. In the event of a breach, these systems immediately alert your security team, providing precise breach location information and necessary response instructions.


Utilities Security Systems

Proactivity. Simplicity. Consistency.

Address the evolving threat landscape with anticipating, elite security systems
that allow for expansion without reinvention.

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