Smart Access Control Systems

Safeguard your personnel, operations, and resources with precision, and determine the individuals who are granted entry to your premises and when, all thanks to cutting-edge, cloud-driven access management solutions provided by Rigility. Our access management solutions offer seamless integration with diverse systems, streamline process automation, offer comprehensive customization of access permissions and privileges, and bolster security measures. The scalability of our access management solutions ensures they can adapt to your evolving needs, promoting touchless options for a healthier building environment.

Access control for your business

Is your existing access control system exacerbating critical security vulnerabilities within your business?

If your access control solution isn’t effectively mitigating the significant risks your organization faces, it’s inadvertently working to your detriment.

At Rigility, we understand that comprehensive commercial security begins with the deployment of cutting-edge access control solutions. It’s only through the precise selection of access control technologies and their expert integration that your organization can gain peace of mind, access valuable data insights, achieve unparalleled visibility, and elevate its overall security posture.

The issue with outdated, disjointed access control systems:

  • Elevated risk of potential unauthorized access.

  • Inability to differentiate between authorized and unauthorized individuals.

  • Unintentional facilitation of intrusion attempts without effective deterrents.

  • Limited capacity to swiftly detect breaches and monitor or record intruders.

  • Shortcomings in triggering timely incident responses.

  • Inefficacy in safeguarding the well-being of individuals and assets.

  • Subpar, sluggish user experience.

  • Risk of damage to your organization’s reputation.

Why us?

Rigility provides top-tier access control solutions tailored for your business needs.

Rigility possesses the expertise to design, install, and uphold a customized, integrated access control system that precisely aligns with your specific security requirements.

Quick Quiz

Do you need to upgrade your current intrusion detection system?

Are you constantly concerned about a break-in attempt?

Are false alarms a common event at your business?

Do you receive security alerts when it is already too late?

Does your system fail to detect threats in the dark, outdoors, or in harsh environments?

Do you lack sufficient data to enhance your situational awareness?


My biggest challenge is not knowing who is in my building and for how long.

To reduce theft and crime, it is key to control after-hour access and track the occupancy of your site.


Despite our positive culture, we’ve had team members who have grievances against leaders, team, or duties. A few times things have turned out ugly.

Robust physical security can keep disgruntled employees from crucial company infrastructure. One of the key elements of protection is access control.


Often, employees forget their smart card at home, we have seasonal workers, or visitors and short-term contractors that are not eligible for permanent credentials.

This issue can be addressed by providing ready-to-use temporary access control access.


We have multiple entrance and exit points.

Modern systems can help you track movement in and out of your building no matter how many access points you have.


I suspect an employee is stealing from me.

Keep internal theft at bay by implementing proper deterrence and access control measures.

If your answer is YES to one or more of these questions, your facility requires the expert implementation of an intelligent intrusion detection solution, tailored specifically to address the needs of your business.

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At Rigility, we firmly believe that elevated levels of security are attainable solely through advanced access control solutions.

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