Managed Access Control

Enhance your organization’s security, streamline access control, and boost visibility with Rigility’s cloud-based managed access control solution. Our ACaaS (Access Control as a Service) is designed to simplify access management, improve flexibility, and provide comprehensive protection while delivering synchronized, actionable data. Our dependable, real-time solution ensures you receive instant activity alerts, minimizes discrepancies, and mitigates security threats.

Rigility Managed Access Control

Business-Focused Managed Access Control

Outdated solutions no longer suffice to protect your business.

Stay current with cutting-edge technologies to safeguard your organization against the multitude of threats facing your employees, visitors, assets, and property.

Access Control as a Service (ACaaS), a cloud-based technology, delivers these essential capabilities and equips your security team with exclusive tools to efficiently manage all aspects of your access control system, ensuring your organization’s security and protection.

Eradicate inconsistencies and discrepancies with ACaaS.

Especially for organizations with numerous, geographically scattered sites, the centralization and standardization of access control systems are paramount to achieve the highest level of security.

Allow Rigility to take the reins as your access control system administrator.

Entrusting essential elements of your security system to experts allows your business to direct its valuable resources toward its core operations.

Whether you oversee a single site or manage multiple locations, we offer the advantages of a managed access control system, liberating you and your team from the daily tasks of system administration.

Minimize human errors, optimize procedures, reduce administrative, maintenance, and hosting expenses, and enhance site security with our unparalleled managed access control solution.

Rigility Managed Access Control

Key Advantages of Managed Access Control

You require a secure, adaptable, scalable access control solution that seamlessly accommodates your ongoing expansion.

Managed Access Control Service

A cloud-based or hybrid managed access control system is the optimal choice for businesses of all sizes, offering a substantial improvement in their capacity to protect personnel, assets, and facilities.

Quick Quiz

Do you need to upgrade your current intrusion detection system?

Are you constantly concerned about a break-in attempt?

Are false alarms a common event at your business?

Do you receive security alerts when it is already too late?

Does your system fail to detect threats in the dark, outdoors, or in harsh environments?

Do you lack sufficient data to enhance your situational awareness?


My biggest challenge is not knowing who is in my building and for how long.

To reduce theft and crime, it is key to control after-hour access and track the occupancy of your site.


Despite our positive culture, we’ve had team members who have grievances against leaders, team, or duties. A few times things have turned out ugly.

Robust physical security can keep disgruntled employees from crucial company infrastructure. One of the key elements of protection is access control.


Often, employees forget their smart card at home, we have seasonal workers, or visitors and short-term contractors that are not eligible for permanent credentials.

This issue can be addressed by providing ready-to-use temporary access control access.


We have multiple entrance and exit points.

Modern systems can help you track movement in and out of your building no matter how many access points you have.


I suspect an employee is stealing from me.

Keep internal theft at bay by implementing proper deterrence and access control measures.

If your answer is YES to one or more of these questions, your facility requires the expert implementation of an intelligent intrusion detection solution, tailored specifically to address the needs of your business.

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