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Rigility is committed to addressing the unique vulnerabilities of each client through advanced technologies, unparalleled customization, and exceptional support. Our expertise lies in professionally integrating cutting-edge solutions to ensure the safety of your people and assets.

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Security solutions for various industries

We understand each industry faces unique security challenges and demands a customized approach and set of solutions. Rigility’s concept of “unparalleled” customer service means we listen to your needs and help your team to arrive at the best possible solution.

  National Accounts

Safeguard your enterprise with intelligent solutions consistently implemented across all business locations.


Rigility is your ally in establishing a secure healthcare campus, prioritizing the protection of what matters most: your patients and caregivers.

  Manufacturing and Distribution

Mitigate internal and external threats to your employees, facility, and manufacturing processes through highly customizable and intelligent security solutions.

  Higher Education

Rigility offers your higher education institution tailor-made, synchronized, and adaptable security solutions, ensuring a safer learning environment.

  Property Management

Safeguard your workplace from threats, inefficiencies, and liabilities with highly customizable and intelligent security ecosystems provided by Rigility.

  Local Government

Ensure a secure environment for your municipal institution through adaptable and intelligent security integrations provided by Rigility.

  Biotech and Pharma

Address the complexities of the pharmaceutical supply chain, mitigating risks while ensuring productivity and the safety of people, assets, and intellectual property.


An extensive and customizable array of solutions to enhance the safety and resilience of the movement of people and goods.


Prioritize the security of facilities and equipment by deploying a holistic defense approach to successfully resist attacks and maintain operations, even in emergency situations.

  Data Centers

Deliver enterprise-level protection for people, property, information technology equipment, and network infrastructure.

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