Advanced Integration for Large Enterprise Business

Establish a robust security foundation and enhance the business intelligence and situational awareness of your multi-site enterprise with our advanced, customizable, data-driven, professionally-integrated solutions. Embracing a holistic perspective and a comprehensive strategy necessitates a layered security infrastructure, seamlessly consolidating sophisticated technologies across locations.


Security Systems

Proactivity. Simplicity. Consistency.

Address the evolving threat landscape with anticipating, elite security systems
that allow for expansion without reinvention.


A cutting-edge, all-encompassing approach

As your organization evolves, the imperative for cutting-edge security solutions becomes increasingly pressing. Going beyond the ordinary services typically offered by a conventional security partner, Rigility emerges as a distinguished integrator with authenticity, expertise, and profound knowledge. We are adept at conceptualizing, implementing, and supporting intricate projects, ensuring a seamless and elegant journey from inception to completion.

Our advanced solutions surpass the effectiveness of commonplace integrations. Rigility provides you with actionable intelligence, employs sophisticated situational awareness technologies and services, and delivers precise reporting to elevate your decision-making processes.

Rigility excels in tailoring solutions to meet the distinctive needs and aspirations of your enterprise, aligning seamlessly with your business vision through potent and exceptional strategies.

Our data-driven capabilities usher in heightened integration, real-time visibility, augmented situational awareness, and, ultimately, an elevated level of protection for your organization.

Enterprise Security Program

At Rigility, we pledge unwavering commitment to your success through the consistent delivery of effective procedures and policies, meticulous planning, flawless execution, and an unparalleled customer service experience. Elevate the security, consistency, and compliance of your multi-site enterprise with our distinctive approach and exceptional versatility. We wholeheartedly invest in your security strategy, offering expert full lifecycle service and maintenance whenever needed.

Our approach is forward-thinking, designed to stand the test of time and anticipate future needs when crafting solutions for your site.

Advanced Integration Process

Secure robust protection through our highly effective integration process, guaranteeing the successful customization and deployment of your security environment. Our team of skilled security professionals, adept database managers, and experienced software designers harness the power of contemporary business intelligence to conceptualize and implement the precise solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization.


Crafting a bespoke system integration solution requires a meticulous evaluation and a comprehensive understanding of the gaps and unique pain points that expose your multiple locations to potential risks.

  System Design

Count on Rigility to bring precision and expertise to every phase of the integration process, delivering a solution perfectly aligned with your needs.


Rigility ensures top-notch service, cutting-edge technology installation, real-time monitoring, and centralized network security for streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.

  Testing & Training

After integration, Rigility tests for vulnerabilities, scrutinizing all system aspects. Training maintains security. Rigility provides a seamlessly integrated solution, fortifying security through rigorous testing, empowering your team.


Delivering comprehensive reporting is a fundamental principle for Rigility, aiding in the prevention of security breaches, sustaining heightened security awareness, and ensuring compliance.


At Rigility, we provide competitive differentiation through continuous service and support. Our goal is to deliver a seamless deployment, maximizing the long-term operational efficiencies of your security ecosystem.

Start your security journey today

Do you need to protect your people, assets and data, but don’t know where to begin?

Professional Services Team

The Rigility Professional Services Team comprises seasoned security professionals, adept at handling projects or service needs of any size. Let us unite all facets of your organization’s security by implementing a comprehensive system tailored to your enterprise’s unique needs, mitigating vulnerabilities, and maximizing performance.

Rigility excels in working across diverse industries, offering the depth of knowledge and experience to design, install, and maintain a scalable and unique integrated electronic security system aligned with your security needs.

We stay ahead of evolving threats by keeping our staff informed about the latest technologies and best practices.


Risk assessment

Risk assessment, often overlooked in planning, is a crucial element in crafting a strategic security plan. This high-level plan delineates the protection of people and assets, identifies vulnerabilities and potential disruptions to business continuity, assesses their probability, proposes solutions to mitigate risks, and formulates appropriate recommendations.

Identifying industry-specific risks is essential for deploying a customized solution that works seamlessly. Tailored to your business type and location, this involves crime analyses and in-depth knowledge of the vertical to address specific pain points.