Security Cameras for your Rental Property: What You Need to Know


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    Starting a rental property business is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of effort, time, and money to pursue and maintain this kind of property. In order to prolong the property’s life, owners must invest in things and devices that can prevent it from being damaged at all costs.

    In investing to protect your properties, one of the most reasonable devices that you need to purchase is a security camera system. These devices are very useful in making sure that theft, vandalism, and damaging acts toward your properties are well-documented and recorded in case something might arise. Moreover, as property owners invest in having security cameras, it will surely attract more tenants or clients to check their buildings because of its additional safety features.

    Yet, before property owners can install and invest in a security camera system, they must be aware that before using surveillance cameras certain precautionary measures should be imposed so that they can function. Also, there are legal, technical, and ethical issues that must be taken into consideration upon installing security cameras in your properties.

    Where do you think are ideal areas for your Security Cameras?

    Simply, these areas must not invade the privacy of tenants. Cameras must not be installed in areas where tenants can no longer have the right to privacy because it might cause discomfort to your tenants if the cameras are pointed at them. To value privacy, owners must not put any cameras inside rental properties so that invasion of privacy will not happen.

    On the other hand, if security cameras are positioned in areas where it is outside the rental properties or in public areas where most people come and go, then is it not necessary to turn them down because their privacy rights are not disrupted in that case.

    Similarly, when you are planning to install cameras outside be sure to talk to your neighbors too because they might want to discuss some things with you or take their permission in recording some angles where the activities within their property might be recorded. So it is a must to talk with them first.

    Can Wiretapping Laws affect Security Cameras?

    Most of the new security camera systems in the market today record audio and video footage, thus there are additional considerations that should be discussed when you start to install them in your rental properties. Federal law states that if an individual is being caught on camera, as an operator or owner you are not allowed to listen or eavesdrop on any of the conversations that are happening during the recording.  Additionally, other states allow dual consent for this type of matter but it still depends on the situation.

    As property owners, when you inform your tenants that you will install security cameras and they will be recorded as they move in, you are entitled to review the footage because your tenant’s approval can serve as their consent but it is only done under specific circumstances. Indeed, familiarizing the federal and state law about security cameras is still very important for rental property owners because it concerns not just the safety of the premises but the privacy of the tenants.

    Possible Alternatives to Surveillance Cameras

    Sometimes it is not the best option to install security cameras to fulfill your security needs and you might find federal laws too overwhelming to follow. Therefore, several alternatives to security cameras are available to still provide safety to your tenants.

    Security Lights

    Motion-sensor lights are best in giving safety to tenants and property owners. When this device senses a slight motion it will immediately activate and can cause the tenant and owner to be alert if there are unidentified individuals around. Also, these security devices are energy-saving because they are not constantly turned on.

    Fake Surveillance Cameras

    These cameras are just imitations of real security cameras because in terms of how it looks both of them have a lot of resemblances. However, these things are cheaper than the real ones. With a set of these fake security cameras, burglars and thieves are not going to cause property crimes on your building and will serve as a preventive measure for crimes on your premises.

    Wireless Alarm Systems

    These alarm systems are part of the innovation of today’s technology. It is considered affordable for property owners depending on the model they prefer and accessible as well. In fact, alarm systems can be installed with additional sensors and alarms that can be placed wherever the owners want them to be. Interestingly, some types of wireless alarm systems provide alerts and notification to the owner when suspicious activity is detected.

    Nonetheless, security cameras are still significant to protect your property and your tenant’s safety. However, it is up to your decision if you will plan to purchase one or not. Just remember that in our life, prevention and protection is better than repentance and repair.

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